Hotel Eldorado Paris

Hotel Eldorado Paris is situated at a perfect location which is just two streets away from the Place Clichy. This strategic location of Hotel Eldorado Paris has ensured you to have an easy access to almost all tourist attractions in Paris, while welcoming you either on the Rue des Dames or at the back of a ravishing tree garden.

If you choose to stay at Hotel Eldorado Paris, then you will have the opportunity to enjoy the most typical Parisan life. Whether in the main room, on the veranda by the garden, or even under the bamboo trees, the Bistro des Dames staff will propose you its menu and make suggestions for specials made from fresh seasonal products.

Eldorado Hotel Paris is a perfect destination for your vacation in Paris. You will never regret for choosing to stay at Hotel Eldorado Paris.

Who We Are

We are a tour company, not the hotel management company. Most of our clients send us good feedbacks on this hotel. They are very happy with the hotel services and facilities. Book it online and better rates will be guaranteed!